Architectural Metalwork

No design challenge has ever foxed us yet

We are the guys to go to if you are looking for an architectural metalwork detailing company that can solve the most challenging projects. Whether it’s a feature staircase or the most complex helical staircase there are not many design issues we haven’t solved or designed around. As the boundaries are being pushed by clients and architects we are well placed at the forefront of in-house design knowledge that we know we can always find a cost-effective solution.

Over the past 26 years we have delivered on a vast number of projects with products ranging from feature staircases, helical stairs, stainless steel balustrading, structural glass, balconies, canopies, lourvres, facades and much more.

With the recent demand for balconies here in the UK and overseas we have a specialist team that focus on balcony projects that ensures all aspects of the design are covered. Thermal breaks, off site construction methods and stand out material requests are something we are managing on a daily basis.

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