Resident Tekla Guru: Simon Chatwin

Part of what makes TDS special is the way we have never lost sight of who we are and what we stand for. We are advocates for the new and are constantly looking for ways we can better our industry. As such, we actively embrace modern construction methods and play our part in supporting new talent. One of the key members of our team who allows us to do this is our Operations Manager and resident Tekla guru, Simon Chatwin.

Simon’s place within the industry came about by chance. After several dead ends, he started a part-time admin job working for a steel fabricator, where he was then offered an apprenticeship within the Drawing Office. Simon found that he not only had a natural aptitude for this type of work, but more importantly, he also found that he actually enjoyed it.

Over the next 20 years, Simon worked his way up to management while building an impressive portfolio filled with prestigious and complex projects. His most memorable project is The Razor in London, and his work on this structure even won him a Tekla model award for that year. This was one of his most complex and challenging projects he has encountered, and to see his work standing amongst the other iconic buildings of London’s skyline is immensely rewarding.

When Simon first came to TDS, we knew he would be a great fit. He firmly believes that BIM technology has the potential to completely transform the industry, and this is a large part of what drives our company. He believes that using these technologies will encourage all sectors of our industry to work much closer together, and we take great pride in providing an insight into how BIM technology can improve both quality and efficiency through collaboration. Simon is a self-proclaimed Tekla nerd, and without him we simply would not have such an impressive setup that allows us to do what we do.

We are also proud of who we are and the team we have gathered, and are constantly looking for ways to support each other. Simon is particularly proud of this, and being able to assist others with their personal development is something he takes great joy in doing. Having someone like Simon in a managerial position is a great asset to any company, as he inspires everyone to continue to grow and learn, while also taking any opportunity he can to develop his own skills and knowledge. 

Throughout his career, Simon has experienced many different types of workplaces, and has found TDS to be a truly special place. “I started when we were much smaller and there was a real family feel to the business, and a comradery above and beyond any other employer I have worked for. Despite a period of intense growth, we managed to retain that close-knit feel, which to me is a core value of the business and a unique identifier that stands us apart from the competition.”

Simon is an important member of our team. He plays a crucial role in our endeavour to establish the use of modern construction methods within our industry, and is constantly motivating everyone around him to grow and evolve. We are delighted to have inspirational people like Simon as part of our team, and as we continue to grow, we hope that more people like him will come join our family.