The Wimbledon ‘Master Plan’ to upgrade facilities of the All England Club is now well underway. One major part of this plan involves a three-year project to install a retractable roof at No. 1 Court (Wimbledon). This has involved removing both the north and south sides of the existing roof to make way for a retractable roof mechanism that has been designed using the latest technology. Capacity has also been increased with the addition of an extra 900 spectator seats.

Details of the project have involved soundproofing the walls around the new generator, and TDS were asked to assist with supplying the technical drawings for this development. Our client also requested the skills of our specialist steelwork team for detailing several other secondary steelwork requirements. Some of the new apprentices at TDS were able to work on this project, and this was a great opportunity to show them what a varied portfolio TDS has to offer.

Detailing the steelwork proved challenging due to the size, scale, and complexity of the project. The designs for the steelwork needed to fit amongst the existing ‘birds nest’ like structure created for the main steel of the north roof. The design of the steelwork needed to be light enough for the main steel roof structure, while also providing a rigid frame which could support the soundproofing membrane.

The Wimbledon ‘Master Plan’ is employing the latest technologies to improve its facilities for all who use them. So far, No 1 Court project has proved to be more complex in both size and scale than the renovations that have already taken place in the Centre Court, but our skilled team was able to overcome this challenge. TDS are delighted to have played a hand in renovating one of the UK’s most famous sporting locations, and look forward to its completion in 2019.

Images: Wimbledon and KSS Design Group Ltd