The Crescent


TDS were pleased to be involved in a project that breaks new ground for our client Elements Europe. The Crescent, Plymouth, with its 14 storeys, comprising 348 student accommodation units and mixed retail sites, is the tallest building built using their offsite modular construction techniques so far.

Offsite construction was chosen to minimise disruption to neighbouring properties and highways and reduce impact on the site’s unique historical location; opposite a conservation area and an ancient burial ground. TDS worked closely with our client’s calculations and sketches to model the prefabricated steelwork modules that formed the whole structure.

Approximately 150 separate module designs were modelled into Tekla by our specialist team, some of these layouts required additional detailing because of their intricate shapes and odd skewed edges. But we like a challenge, and drawing on our expertise in 3D modeling and BIM meant we were able to produce everything this groundbreaking project demanded of us and hopefully a little more. High density modular construction is a fascinating area of the industry, one we expect to see a lot more of as the technology continues to evolve and we certainly hope to keep building our reputation for delivering it.

Images from Elements Europe and Mears Student Life