The Can of Ham


TDS are currently involved in a building that looks set to be as instantly recognisable as its neighbours. Set at the heart of the City of London cluster, Seventy St. Mary Axe is next door but one, to the iconic Gherkin, and even has its own affectionate nickname, The Can of Ham. When complete, at the end of 2018, the building will offer 300 square feet of highly efficient office space in the capital’s business district.

Our involvement in Seventy St. Mary Axe is at the core of the building’s structure, literally. The specialist TDS Staircase Team has been busy modelling the balustrade and wall rail to the building’s main stair cores. The central well houses the 48 flight escape stairs and is a vital component of the building’s infrastructure.

In order for our team to meet the demands of both the architectural plans and the engineers’ requirements, standard solutions were not applicable. The interface between the handrail and the balustrade was a unique challenge that required custom machined brackets to be designed and manufactured. These unique components were then used to support the stainless steel handrail and separate it from the painted balustrade as per the precise requirements of the design.

Seventy St. Mary Axe, with its demand for detail and bespoke requirements, is exactly the sort of project all of our teams love working on and are inspired by. So not only has this been a great project professionally, it’s also a real privilege to be involved with a building that will no doubt capture people’s imaginations for years to come.

Images: Seventy St. Mary Ax & Foggo Associates