Thames Tideway Tunnel


Despite being a modern day metropolis, London has continued to utilise a sewage system that dates back to the Victorian era. This outdated system no longer meets the European environmental standards, as it often overflows spilling millions of tonnes of sewage directly into the River Thames. Tideway have offered a solution to this issue with the Thames Tideway Tunnel, also known as the ‘super sewer’. This new system will divert the overflow from the current sewage system into a tunnel situated directly beneath the River Thames.

TDS were asked to model and edit a heavy-duty platform which will be used for a TBM. We have successfully delivered the fabrication package for this platform, which includes details of the primary and secondary steelwork, columns, beams and bracings, as well as the 12.5mm durbar plate which will create the floor of the platform. Our client believed that TDS would be able to handle the difficult geometry involved in this complex structure, and we did not disappoint.

Throughout the project, our team collaborated between structural engineers, 3D site surveys and BIM modelling. This allowed TDS to produce the best results possible, achieving maximum accuracy and minimum mistakes despite the complicated geometry. By using BIM modelling at all stages of the process, the team were able to find a way to achieve the design of the structure while working to the fabricators requirements. One such limitation was the durbar plates, which were only available in limited widths. This meant we had to work out the best location to place the beams in order to minimise the total weight. The enormous assembly drawings which our team worked with also posed no issue, and we have produced the fabrication list for the platform to be manufactured.

TDS are privileged to be a part of this project, helping to bring London’s sewage system into the modern world. The Thames Tideway Tunnel will not only reduce the number of overflow incidents for at least the next 100 years, but it will also reduce the levels of sewage pollution in the River Thames and allow the UK to meet European environmental standards.

Images: Construction News and Tideway