Schools with McAvoy


Offsite construction is a fast-growing area of the industry that’s proving particularly popular and successful in the education sector. We’ve recently completed two offsite projects in Surrey with specialists, The McAvoy Group. Both cases demonstrate all the benefits and efficiencies the field can offer.

When a school is being built from scratch or expanding due to increasing demand, often a projects priority is limiting the build duration. Educational building projects, ideally, should be kept to the tightest timeframes, so the school’s management team can avoid needless disruption at a crucial stage of a child’s education. And that’s where offsite modular building comes into its own.

Having worked previously with McAvoy we have been able to streamline our processes to make even more time efficiencies within our systems. Our Offsite Teams model and detail the modules, which are then cross-referenced with McAvoy. They are then overlaid with architectural and mechanical 3D models to spot any potential conflicts with steelwork, ducting or pipework.

The Offsite Team designed the individual classroom models, taking into account irregular shaped rooms, staircases, converging multiple roof slopes and made allowances for temporary lifting posts to meet engineering requirements. The units are then fabricated offsite and transported to the school site where they can be assembled quickly and efficiently to meet the demands of the projects’ time constraints.

Offsite construction for educational buildings is a real growth area, with fascinating technology that strives for constant improvement. So no matter how expert we are, we know there’s always more to learn.