Rydens Enterprise School & Sixth Form College
Hersham, Walton-on-Thames

Structural & Secondary Steelwork
Hersham, Walton-on-Thames
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Rydens Enterprise School & Sixth Form College undertook a huge redevelopment of their site to create a state-of-the-art facility to deliver 21st Century education, consisting of seven buildings.

TDS Midlands were on hand to design & detail the complexed 385 tonne steelwork frame.

The geometry of the architectural design presented the largest challenge in designing the corresponding geometry of the steelwork. In particular, fulfilling the complex asymmetrical pyramid shape of the library roof used a considerable amount of detailing resource. Careful consideration was taken when detailing the complex connections as we had to make sure the connections would be structurally acceptable together with ensuring that the fabricator would be able to manufacture and erect the structure.

Tekla’s ability to import IFC models issued by the design team was invaluable when setting out the complex geometry of the steelwork frame. The design of the structure was modified throughout the duration of the project. Importing the amended IFC models allowed us to overlay them onto our model and alter our steel frame accordingly. Due to the size of the project, phasing and lotting was imperative when issuing steelwork for manufacture and erection. Tekla allowed us to segregate areas of the structure in approximately 25 tonne lots in order to ensure each lot was deliverable to site in one single visit.

From fabrication drawing point of view, this was one of the most challenging projects that TDS have undertaken, the most complex assembly drawings used up to 4 hours of drawing office time. Without the power of Tekla, the detailing of the assembly drawings would have taken considerably longer, allowing us to complete the fabrication drawings in a cost efficient time scale.

Throughout the project, Tekla’s ability to generate 3D BIM models in order to issue to the Design Team to review has been a considerable advantage to all contractors involved. Architects were able to review the aesthetics of the steelwork, Engineers could interrogate connections and steelwork arrangements and the fabricator & main contractor used the 3D models to plan fabrication schedules and erection techniques. Together with Tekla BIMSight, the use of Snapshots were used when raising queries to the design team. Creating a visual of the query in question enabled us to translate our question to the design team in a more specific manner. The connection design received from the engineer was generated in a 2D format. In order to translate the 2D connection design into a complex 3D geometry format, we had to issue a number of queries regarding geometrics and buildability.

Artist’s Impressions from Scott Brownrigg