Retired Living Developments
Cardiff & Exeter

Cardiff & Exeter

McCarthy & Stone are an award-winning company who specialise in retirement house building. Offering a range of accommodations tailored to meet the various needs of their clients, the company has recently invested in constructing two additional Retired Living developments. These will provide low maintenance apartments which respect the homeowner’s privacy, while also offering social areas to create a close-knit community. One of these developments is based in Llanishen in Cardiff, and the other in Pinhoe, just outside of Exeter.

TDS were brought in by our client, WM Ironworks to handle the modelling and detailing of two different styles of private balconies, which will feature throughout both of these developments. Our client opted to entrust us with this task, as not only did we have the resources at our disposal to begin work straight away, but our teams are also highly skilled in the use of Tekla. This was key for both of the developments as the Tekla technology enabled us to work alongside our client’s internal draftsmen.

One of the job’s requirements was to follow the internal drawing procedures of our client. We were provided with examples of drawings that they had worked on in the past, and following these examples posed no issue for our team. We were able to adapt quickly to the needs of our client and successfully produced high-quality drawings which met their standards. The entire project also involved modelling in the balconies, creating GA’s for approval, and finally producing fabrication details once the designs had been finalised.

Our team have once again demonstrated their level of skill by successfully adapting their work to follow the internal drawing procedures of our client. Despite having to learn new procedures, the modelling and detailing with which they were tasked was completed on time. These two age-exclusive developments are currently available to reserve off-plan, and will be available to purchase later in Summer 2018.

Images: Inspire Design and McCarthy & Stone