Primary School in Kent with McAvoy


This project saw the continuation of our successful relationship with offsite construction specialist, The McAvoy Group. They had been commissioned to provide offsite solutions for the expansion of a primary school in Kent, and we were on hand to model and deliver the information of the individual modules required.

Having worked with McAvoy previously, knowing each other’s processes meant the project could be progressed efficiently as we worked within each other’s frameworks. Our offsite team set to modelling and detailing the component modules. These included panelised areas for quick and efficient construction, staircases, flat roofs and supports for timber screening; each module to be built offsite and transported to the school’s grounds for erection. Some of the modules, at approximately 15.8 metres in length, were amongst the longest ever manufactured and transported by McAvoy.

Our team produced layouts for stairs, canopies, flat roofs and a lift void. And within the design, where it proved impractical to use a prefabricated module, they modelled individual panels to create the structure instead. Where there was also a need to provide screening to hide an area behind a staircase, the team was able to model the supporting steelwork to which the timber members could be affixed.

This was such a comprehensive project that it provided the five TDS apprentices involved in its development the perfect insight into offsite construction as a whole.