Mansfield College


A project to house all Mansfield College, Oxford, undergraduates on campus had been in the works since 2006, but it wasn’t until 2016 that an ambitious second phase of development was able to make this a reality. A new building on an area of college land known as Love Lane (now The Hands Building) would not only provide top-class, onsite student accommodation but on its lower levels would also house the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights and a 165-seat multipurpose lecture theatre.

TDS became involved in the highly specialised field of acoustic finishes with the University of Oxford when we were commissioned by Stil Acoustics to create working drawings for the project’s acoustic timber panelling. The panelling was required to control the acoustics in the development’s reception area, seminar room, communal space, light well and lecture theatre.

Our team took the architect’s drawings and translated them to the actual site dimensions and then developed the timber panelling as per the specification. The solutions we devised were based on a generic system offered by Stil that we were able to adapt to meet both the building’s aesthetic scheme and its acoustic requirements.

The result is a stunning contemporary finish that completely belies its function as a practical and essential requirement of large communal areas.

Imagery: Rich Mather