London Heathrow Marriott Hotel


Our specialist Staircases Team has recently completed their part in remodelling the entrance of the London Heathrow Marriott Hotel. Located close to the UK’s busiest airport, the Marriott Hotel is one of the most popular stopovers for incoming and outgoing travellers. As such this was a project that had to be completed with the absolute minimum of disruption and to the most efficient of timeframes.

TDS was commissioned to model a new architectural metalwork staircase and detail fabrication drawings for its manufacture and assembly. The finished design of the staircase was very much an architectural feature that would provide guests their first impression of the hotel. So as well as considering the best way to achieve this project we had to be as careful not to compromise the architect’s aesthetic goals.

The team started by producing a site survey of the existing structure and area, they then set about modelling the staircase to suit the site conditions and the engineer’s drawings.

The model of the staircase included all connections, joint details and balustrade framework, while also taking into account its final finish timber cladding, handrail and integrated lighting. After supplying GA for approval from all parties, fabrication drawings and bolt lists, including single parts and assembly drawings, were presented to our client for fabrication. We’re pleased to have been part of the team that completed this project on time, on budget and with very little turbulence.

Image: London Heathrow Marriott Hotel and Booking