Logie Point, Jersey
Jersey, UK

Logie Point, Jersey
Structural & Secondary Steelwork
Jersey, UK
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A mixture of structural and architectural steelwork was required to form a complex roof structure for Logie Point, a private residence in Jersey. Having previously completed a similar, but smaller and less intricate, roof for an annex to the property, this was phase two of our client’s involvement in the project.

The curved roof structure for the main house was a challenge to detail due to the number of different parameters we had to work to. The curve of the roof was made up of 4 separate curvatures, to give it a wave-like appearance, while an eaves detail echoed the roof slopes but to a slightly different set out. The project included a number of visible details that while structural in nature, also had to be considered as an architectural feature. These included visible pelmet / window support steels to both sides of the house, along with visible stainless steel hanger supports.

This meant that as well as having to detail all the complex steelwork, so it was structurally sound, we also had to consider all the aesthetic implications.


To detail structural and architectural steelwork and assist with the project management for the client.


Due to the steelwork’s dual nature, being both architectural and structural, the approval process was more extensive than normal, involving input from numerous parties. From this we interpreted all the requirements to produce full detailing prior to our client starting their manufacturing process. After this rigorous development phase, TDS were able to deliver full detailing of the Logie Point roof structure steelwork well within the required time frame, allowing the job to be completed onsite without any manufacturing or installation errors.

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