International Quarter London
Stratford, London

Stratford, London
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The International Quarter London (IQL) is a large-scale development that will provide the Stratford area of London with a new community space. The project incorporates residential properties with retail facilities and offices, creating an inspiring area where people can come to visit, work and live.

Unicef UK, Cancer Research UK and the British Council are just some of the organisations that have relocated their offices to the IQL, which has been designed specifically to offer and encourage a global workspace. The public areas surrounding the development have also been carefully designed to encourage a community feel for everyone who uses the facilities, from students and businesses to residents and visitors.



We have worked with our client many times over the recent years, and it is because of this long-standing working relationship that we were asked to take on this project. Our scope covered:

• Roof gantry to provide maintenance access and a fire escape



Our team was tasked with designing and detailing a roof gantry for the S9 building of the IQL development, which provides access to the rooftop to allow essential maintenance of the roof plant. This is also a crucial safety feature of the development, providing an escape path in the event of a fire.

The main task for the project involved close coordination with other contractors working with the 3D models of their roof services and building equipment. This allowed us to work out not only the available areas for the gantry support posts, but also the best location for them to be placed. Our expertise and skill in the use of modern technology for construction allowed our Architectural Metalwork team to complete this task with both accuracy and efficiency.

Our specialist team also have expert knowledge in feature staircases, helical stairs, stainless steel balustrading, structural glass, balconies, canopies, louvres, facades and much more. Contact us today to find out more information about the outstanding services we offer.

Images: New London Development & IQL