Hobhouse Court

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John Nash
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The refurbishment of a Grade II listed building designed by architect John Nash is due to be completed later this year. The building has been transformed into a multi-use facility, featuring high-end residential apartments, office space, retail units, and even an art gallery which will welcome the Royal Watercolour Society back to its original home. Sitting next to Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery’s Sainsbury Wing, this refurbishment will also revitalise one of London’s popular thoroughfares, using materials that are sensitive to the surroundings to create dynamic and contemporary architecture.

The listed load bearing vaults of the original structure have been preserved, while the rest of the building was demolished down to ground level in order to make way for the new structure. BIM technology played a crucial role in this project, allowing the architects to scan the existing vaults and enable them to include these listed features seamlessly within the new designs.


Our knowledge and experience of Tekla software was crucial for this project, as BIM played a key role in working both alongside our client and around the existing listed vaults of this Grade II building.
We were tasked with:

• Detailing connections for structural steelwork


This project relied heavily on close collaboration with our client. Through the use of Tekla Cloud Modelling, we were able to work together on the project simultaneously, with our client modelling the main steelwork while we detailed the 3D connections. This method not only allowed us to collaborate with our client, but it also allowed us to highlight any potential issues and resolve them in an efficient manner.

The steelwork designs for this project featured some extremely complex geometry, which resulted in a numerable amount of detailed and complicated connections. In some areas of the design, the geometry was so complicated that it would take up to one hour just to model one connection, and because of this, the project took a considerable amount of time to complete. However, we were still able to meet the tight deadlines that our client had set.

Our structural steelwork team’s expert knowledge of Tekla allowed us to seamlessly collaborate with our client, completing the project with both accuracy and efficiency. Our specialist team also have expert knowledge in feature staircases, helical stairs, stainless steel balustrading, structural glass, balconies, canopies, louvres, facades and much more. Contact us today on 01952 225835 to find out more information about the outstanding services we offer.

Images: Brisac Gonzalez