Extra Care Housing Scheme

Brock Carmichael

Last year, architects Brock Carmichael put forward designs for an extra care housing scheme on Atlas Street in St Helens, Merseyside. While most developments focus on new buyers and growing families, this development has been meticulously designed to create a space that allows those in the later stages of life to continue living their lives in a safe but desirable space. The designs include 109 one-bedroom and 21 two-bed apartments, with facilities that are also open to the public such as hairdressers, bistro, garden and BBQ area, encouraging the growth of a supportive community.

Our structural steelwork team here at TDS were tasked with modelling a 600 tonne steel frame. We were chosen for this project due to its impressive scale, as our client, Que Steel, was confident that our large team had the required expertise to carry out the project to a high standard within a strict time frame. Our team was provided with the engineer’s IFC model which we then converted into Tekla, allowing us to adjust the steelwork to suit our client’s requirements. We also provided the details for connections, fabrication packages and general arrangement drawings for the site.

This project was particularly challenging from the start due to its size and scale. However, the main challenge that we needed to overcome was how the structure changes direction at two locations. There were also varying steel levels, and due to these two factors, our team had to overcome some especially complex geometry in order to successfully detail the steelwork connections. Our proposed connections needed to be reviewed and approved by the engineer, and using BIM Model allowed us to easily point out where the structural slab would require additional steelwork supports.

The St Helens extra care housing scheme required the skill and expertise of our structural steelwork team, who were able to deliver on the high standards that our client expected. We have now completed our part in this project, and the development is also approaching completion. This project will enable the older citizens of this housing scheme to continue living independently within a safe space that thrives on the spirit of community. We are proud to have been part of such an important project and we look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have.

Images: YM Liverpool