Care Facility in Bordon


We’ve recently completed our part in a mixed-used care facility in Bordon, Hampshire. The site not only accommodates a residential care home and separate, monitored independent living units, but also 4 existing trees with preservation orders and a 3m slope across the terrain. So not only did our detailing have to fulfill the intricate design, we also had to ensure it could be successfully installed on a constrained site.

We designed and edited all the structural steel, floor beams, roof beams and curved members using Tekla, with the project’s complex geometry providing a great opportunity for our most experienced engineers to harness the power of BIM. And in this case, BIM wouldn’t just be helpful, it would be essential to achieve the design’s complexity: curved members, a non-standard radial gridline set out and irregularly located columns.

By using BIM the whole team was able to collaborate, across disciplines, with the project’s architects, structural engineers and 3D modellers to deliver a far from easy brief. The result was a complete design and fabrication package that offered maximum accuracy, minimum errors and an efficient installation at a non-standard site. When a project like this so clearly highlights the benefits of BIM it’s no wonder we think it’s the future of the industry.

Watch a live camera feed of the project here.

Images: Studio Four Architects Ltd