Battersea Power Station


Located along the River Thames, the impressive structure of the Battersea Power Station is currently undergoing a transformation to provide London with a new and exciting retail destination. The masterplan for this project is to create a dynamic space which provides all the necessary elements for a thriving community, from homes to restaurants and galleries. Innovative architectural designs will create a contemporary feel that harmonises with the building’s original structures, allowing the unique personality of this Grade II* listed building to shine through.   

The architects working on this project designed a total of five steel staircases which are to be featured inside the building. Once these designs were complete, our role was to transform them into working drawings which could then be used to manufacture the staircases, including the secondary support steels, support frames and key clamp balustrade/wall rail. 

By creating IFC’s for BIM, we have been able to coordinate with onsite subcontractors and allow interrogation of the building models, while also ensuring the accuracy and precision of the designs. Once the designs were complete and the structures of the five staircases had been approved, our specialist Staircase Team were able to send a full list of fabrication details to our client for them to begin the manufacturing process.  

With a variety of events and festivals taking place every month, the Battersea Power Station is fast becoming one of London’s top locations for both visitors and residents to enjoy their leisure time. We are proud to have been a part of the team working on this iconic Grade II* listed building and look forward to walking through the finished results later this year.  

Images: Battersea Power Station