Asset management company, Barings is bringing together staff from three London sites into one single office over six floors at 20 Old Bailey. The move is an extensive refurbishment project of existing office space to create a modern and flexible working environment for the firm.

TDS facilitated the design of the architects’ two staircase models – separate for clients and staff – to be cut within the existing floor slabs. The client stair is a two-flight return made with stone cladding/treads, a structural glass balustrade and a leather wrapped oak handrail. The staff stair is six flights, spanning three floors, constructed of flat bar stringers (hidden spliced at intermediate landings), timber treads (with hidden fixings), grab rail on both sides and LED lighting above and below the flights.

The complexity of the project was in the smooth interface of the differing materials in the two staircases to meet aesthetic and structural requirements. We worked closely with our client on site surveys to make sure the designs were Building Regulations compliant. We then liaised with the design team of architects, engineers and trades to develop and agree design details. Younger members of the TDS team were involved in fabrication drawings and laser profiles.

Our experience resolved all the essential design issues. We worked out the best solution to bring materials onto the restricted site because permissions had been refused for a crane. Our analysis of each stair’s geometry resulted in a better use of space for both. But most importantly, we facilitated the successful construction of the staircases without compromise to the architects’ materials specified. 

Images: TP Bennett and Twenty London