Royal Wharf

Whittam Cox Architect
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Central to the Royal Docks regeneration project, the Royal Wharf neighbourhood stretches across 40-acres of land located along the River Thames in East London. With accommodation that ranges from three storey townhouses to studio apartments, the development has created over 3,000 new homes for approximately 10,000 people.

Every detail of the neighbourhood has been designed with exacting precision to make the residents’ lives as stress-free as possible. The village provides plenty of green space and stunning riverside walks, while the local high street area brings convenience and quality. By offering commercial facilities, local amenities and public spaces, the neighbourhood provides residents with a modern community that embraces both the notion of belonging and the ideal of city living, delivering all the essentials needed to enjoy life at Royal Wharf.



TDS were asked to take on this project due to our large resource pool, which meant we were able to complete the project efficiently by working on three different plots at once.

The scope of our work involved:

• Balconies

• Terrace balustrade



Throughout the course of this project, our architectural metalwork specialists used their expert skills in Tekla software to detail and design perimeter balconies that stretched for over one mile. These balconies have been installed into three different plots that comprise of both residential and retail units, with division screens bringing privacy to each balcony.

According to our client’s brief, the balconies needed to be uniform when viewed from outside. Tekla not only assisted with the repetition of the balcony models by producing one drawing that accounted for almost 19,000 identical items, but it also highlighted any areas where the geometry of the building itself would impede the desired identical finish. This allowed us to adjust individual balcony structures to achieve the desired uniform look.

The software also highlighted a number of potential issues with the designs, and allowed our team to communicate these issues effectively to our client through images. This helped us to resolve the issues as quickly as possible and meant we could finish the project on time.

It was also crucial for us to confirm the actual weight of the balconies in order to plan out how to transport them to the development site, offload and then lift them into position. Tekla assisted in these calculations, and also provided the information needed to calculate the correct volume of paint required for the total surface area. Tekla allowed us to plan out the project using the most efficient and cost effective methods.

With the use of Tekla, we were able to produce accurate information of the highest quality while also tracking the exact quantities, weights and finishes of each individual component. This ensured a smooth flow of work for fabrication, allowing us to complete the project in an effective and efficient manner.

Our specialist team have expert knowledge in feature staircases, helical stairs, stainless steel balustrading, structural glass, balconies, canopies, louvres, facades and much more. Contact us today to find out more about the outstanding services we offer.


Images: WBD Group