Addiscombe Grove

Addiscombe Grove, London Borough of Croydon
Metropolitan Workshop
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The compact homes specialists, Pocket Living, are currently in the process of constructing a 21-storey modular apartment block in Addiscombe Grove, Croydon. This factory-built development has been designed by award-winning architects at Metropolitan Workshop, and the project has been granted funding from City Hall by the Mayor of London in a bid to tackle the housing issues that face the capital.


The aim of the project is to create affordable housing in central London, and 73% of the 153 modular homes will only be offered to first-time buyers who already live and work in the area. These apartments will be priced at a discount below market price and will require just a 5% deposit, while the remainder will be available for shared ownership making the entire development affordable. The modular apartments will first be manufactured offsite, and this will be one of the tallest developments to date to use this process. Not only will this greatly reduce the level of disturbance to current residents in the area, but it will also improve efficiency in terms of both timing and costs. This offsite construction method is key to making Pocket Living’s plan for affordable housing feasible.


Utilising our experience in offsite construction and working together with Elements Europe, our team have been able to provide the concise and exact detailing required for the drawings to be put into fabrication. Our expert knowledge of the construction methods used will help to maintain the efficiency of these methods, which will in turn help to keep the project within budget and protect the affordable aspect of these modular apartments.