27 Poultry


27 Poultry, at the heart of the City of London, is a building with a rich past. Built in 1924 as the HQ of The Midlands Bank, it not only boasts an Edward ‘Ned’ Lutyens-designed exterior but its bank vaults were used as a location for the James Bond film, Goldfinger. But by 2012 it had been abandoned for 8 years and was badly in need of attention. TDS were part of the team that helped restore it to its former glory in its new incarnation as The Ned, luxury hotel, restaurant and spa.

Our initial remit was to model and detail the, approximately, 70 tons of structural steel needed to realise the developer’s plans in two areas of the development. The processes were intricate, with lots of large section steels and connections into existing beams, that required numerous site surveys to be modelled to ensure new steels fitted perfectly when sent to the site.

The success of this part of the project led to our commission for the secondary steels for both the building’s domes, its extended terrace and the personnel lift. As before, there were a lot of interfaces with existing concrete and steel so we had to interpret complex 3D site surveys to achieve a successful fit. And when dealing with the 13 floors of lift steels we worked closely with the lift manufacturer to get them, the lift guide lugs and door opening trimming steels located precisely first time.

Finally, at the fit-out stage, we were asked to detail almost 50m of glass stair and terrace balustrade for the rooftop terrace. So this prestigious project really did have our involvement from top to bottom, and when you see the finished result, you can imagine just how proud we are of that.

Images from The Ned and EPR Architects