Keep Holden On

We just wanted to tell you about Karl Holden, he’s our longest serving employee, and recently celebrated his 20-year career with us at TDS. When Karl joined TDS, in 1997, we were on the lookout for emerging talents in the newfangled field of Computer Aided Design; he was offered the job and he never looked back. From his junior role he learnt the industry and advanced his drawing skills, in those days predominantly in manual draughting on drawing boards, from there he progressed to the digital world with AutoCAD and Tekla. And as the technology evolved, so Karl’s experience grew and he started to develop his own assembly drawings, then to General Arrangements and ultimately onto running his own contracts and teams from project start to completion.

Throughout Karl’s career he’s never stopped learning, be it formally with additional qualifications in Building Studies, Mechanical Engineering and 3D CAD, or informally as he absorbed knowledge and developed his expertise within the working environment.

Now Karl’s just about to take a well-earned week off with a holiday voucher, compliments of the company, and we hope he has a great time, but we do look forward to his return – it’s not the same without him!