‘You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family’

I’ve been part of the construction industry family for over 15 years now and it’s fair to say we are a dysfunctional bunch! But the construction industry is my home and part of that deal is to share it with my family. As the old saying goes; ‘you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family’

Collaboration is unquestionably the buzz word in the construction industry at the moment and that is a really exciting and motivating thing for me professionally!

How many of us collaborate daily with our children helping them to do their homework? How many of us collaborate with our mates on the five aside pitch in order to score a goal? How many of us collaborate on social media to arrange those social gatherings we all know and love? So it’s amazing to associate such resistance or fear around collaboration!

The construction industry is bursting full of clever & talented people who enjoy the challenge of simply making ‘things’ work or doing ‘stuff’ better. But it’s also full of people hugely frustrated by the self-inflicted boundaries that we are all forced to work within. I haven’t met many people this past few years that don’t feel like they are working with one arm tied behind their back! These are the people I am excited about collaborating with!

For the first ten years of my career I enjoyed riding the construction industry roller coaster. The ups and downs were a challenge but most of the times they were exciting ones that were a bit of a thrill.

Succeeding through the toughest financial crisis we have ever known in 2008/2009 and riding the rollercoaster of emotions that the changes the recession brought was a blast. We took it on and we beat it!

But that rollercoaster feels more like the pirate ship these days. I’m either up, right up at the top, or down, right down at the bottom. The twists and turns are no more and the job just feels like a series of daily ups and downs.

Collaboration is going to get me off that pirate ship and I can’t wait to start walking through the doors that are being opened and meeting new people that want to drive change in our industry and simply do things better!

I’m ready to be challenged by people with different skill sets, with different ideas, with different methodologies or processes. We’ve all been to 100’s of CPD events in the hope of improving our knowledge and honing our skills. Well collaboration is the biggest CPD event going! It’s also free and it’s going to make your life, job and bottom line a whole lot better!

Collaboration ultimately means that you can choose your friends and you can also choose your family.