We’ve Seen the Future, It’s Virtually Here

Our practice has gone from strength to strength by always looking forward to what new technologies can offer us and our clients. In fact since TDS undertook its first BIM commission using Tekla in 2012 we haven’t looked back.

Recently we’ve been appreciating the incredible potential of Trimble’s partnership with HoloLens, and to us it’s obvious that’s where the future of our industry lies.

HoloLens, the world’s first self-contained holographic computer, in conjunction with SketchUp Viewer from Trimble, provides the long-awaited link between 2D, 3D and physical space. This incredible technology brings designs out of the screen and into the physical world so you can fully immerse yourself in a holographic environment.


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For all of us at TDS, the potential to present work, bring projects to life and collaborate with our clients in this way offers nothing but benefits for everyone. The financial streamlining offered by being able to error check and spot potential design flaws before anyone has stepped foot on site, is a powerful argument for the technology alone. But add to that the ability to interact intuitively with a design in a way never-before possible and it’s clear to see the direction the industry should be heading.

By making connections with other specialists we hope to move toward the system, to start reaping its benefits. And as the technology becomes more readily available we’ll be looking at how we can employ it to deliver the best results for everyone involved.

Images from Microsoft HoloLens and Tekla.