Top of the Pops: Top 10 BIM Challenges

Last week we attended a BSI all day event to work with some of the sectors brightest talent on understanding the real practical challenges that BIM level 2 implementation is giving the industry.

Nigel Davies, Director at Evolve talked us through what he views are the top ten issues in the move to achieving BIM.

The Top Ten Implementation Issues:

10. We can’t afford a Common Data Environment!

9. How do I add a status to a model?

8. Revision codes…

7. Unique file naming – are they unique?

6. BS1192 Container naming vs BS8541 object naming (isn’t an object a container?)

5. If you don’t have an EIR, how can you be BIM Level 2 compliant?

4. Layer names (the _underscore!) – Are additional presentation codes compliant?

3. Code-based file naming – Whose project number should we use?

2. Is BIM Coordination (information management + interface management) part of the role of the architect?

1. Uniclass 2015 – When is it going to be fixed?

These are questions and issues that plague us all, the answers will come in time it is merely a case of working through the practical implementation issues as they crop up. As part of our ongoing commitment to helping our customers be better at BIM we wanted to share some of the speakers’ really practical solutions to these issues, they won’t solve every problem, but it is a good place to start your thinking:

  • Get to know the basic requirements of an SMP & CDE: Standard Methods & Procedures and Common Data Environment (just work through BS1192)
  • Level 2 BIM isn’t possible without Level 1 – get the basics right. Address common digital production standards – Layers – File naming – Folder structures. Processes & procedures – look into best practice. Quality, validation & approval of work.
  • Concentrate on what matters: What are you trying to deliver? Why are you exchanging what you’re exchanging?
  • Validation & verification: Is it right? Have you explained it? Can it be understood?
  • BEP, BEP, BEP!!! The BEP is your execution plan!

Many lessons are learnt at every BIM conference we attend and if there are a couple of real nuggets we want to share it’s the following:

BIM isn’t about software choices or strategy documents it is about attitude. It’s about having a commitment to wanting to manage projects with collaboration and efficiencies that everyone benefits from. Part of the biggest challenge with BIM is BIM people. Don’t let them put you off. It’s not that complicated it’s just different, but different in a good way.

If you want to know anymore about the Top ten tips check out Nigel @NigelPDavies or give us a call on 01952 225835