The South West is in good shape… especially around Hinkley Point

This week we attended the Constructing Excellence South West event designed to discuss procurement and supply chain with a focus on Hinkley Point. The Somerset Club and Pick Everard put together a really interesting set of speakers with some great insight that was useful for all concerned and hosted nicely by Pick Everard.

The event was the night before the announcement by Theresa May that the due process had been completed and that UK plc was now ready to sign the agreement move the deal forward.

What was very clear on the evening is that the South West region has some significant opportunities on the horizon. It’s clear there is a national challenge of skills shortages and none more profound than that at Hinkley Point. EDF explained some of the huge issues faced on getting some of the key skills in place to enable the project running smoothly.

Jamie Driver of EDF was really excellent in giving us an overview of the scale of the project and outlining the opportunities and challenges the project gives everyone involved. I was very intrigued to hear the challenges being faced getting the right quantity and quality of tower crane drivers. We were very excited to hear about the HPTA – Hinkley Point Training Agency too. As a specialist training provider to the construction sector we feel very well placed to help partners looking for great young talent.

Thanks everyone involved really good event and much appreciated