Tekla UK BIM Award Winners: North Walsham Containment Enhancement

TDS are winners of the Tekla UK BIM Industrial Projects Award! The North Walsham containment enhancement project saw us work on a steel structure bolted onto an existing reinforced concrete/masonry structure to provide essential protection against a catastrophic leak of the liquid gas housed there.

TDS Midlands was provided with a Tekla model comprised of the steelwork members.

We had to model in all of the cladding plates, with several types of criteria dependent on location in relation to the gas tanks, model all connections in and adjust the model to suit the as-built conditions of the concrete and masonry structure along with adjusting any existing steelwork. MMI Engineering used STAAD pro to generate a model, which could analyse the applied loading of the proposed steelwork.

Some of the key challenges encountered included generating workable connections from what had been provided, including being physically able to construct the complex corner sections, which were subject to the highest loadings. All of the steelwork was galvanised which meant that the maximum capacities of the galv bath had to be considered whilst providing steelwork in the largest welded frames to aid site erection and minimise complex connections.

Crucially, the site had no grid lines for reference, just a datum point from which all models needed to be correctly orientated and positioned.

The ability for Tekla to export and import IFC files was critical to the co-ordination of this element, and being able to share models quickly as situations arose was a real benefit.

The 3D PDF tool was also excellent for demonstrating quickly to anyone with a PC, issues which need resolving. This especially helped in meetings where parties who weren’t necessarily directly involved in the complexities of the job could immediately see the issue being discussed without having to wade through a batch of drawings. All this reduced our requirement for creating sketches and general arrangement drawings trying to show these items.

Restricted site access meant models were critical to project success. The finished model had over 200 tonnes of steel and plate work, which was bolted together, to the concrete and masonry with almost 25,000 fixings. On a site where mobile phones were not permitted and there were only two site cameras, which could be taken onto site, the importance of thoroughly integrated models of the steelwork, concrete and services beforehand was critical.

North Walsham was a large and complex job that we are proud to have worked on. Receiving recognition for the quality of our Tekla model on a project that has served essential industry is brilliant and heralds a job well done.