TDS Appointed on Royal Wharf London

Located in the Royal Docks in East London, Royal Wharf is a flagship regeneration project developing a 38-acre site on the banks of the River Thames. The scheme will provide over 3000 homes, with infrastructure, commercial and amenity facilities.

TDS are delighted to have secured to contract to provide a range of services including Level 2 BIM Compliant modelling, GA’s, fabrication details, material lists and NC data for manufacture and installation for a range of different balcony types.

Having completed 58 balconies on Plot 07.01 we now advancing on to Plots 10.01 and 02.01 which have a further 287 balconies due to be manufactured and installed over the coming months.

The balconies are fixed to a concrete structure using cast brackets. First fix brackets have been utilised to provide tolerance on the balcony enabling us to repeat the same balcony types on all floors. The balconies consist of a mild steel frame, timber decking and glass balustrade with stainless steel rail capping.