Should construction give youth a chance?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes, if you have the right people and you have invested in the right training for them they can become pivotal to the future of your business.

One of our key clients recently engaged us on the Isabella Apartments project in Lewisham. It was a medium sized structural package that our fabrication partner needed to deliver in phases to meet the critical build program. Working closely with our fabricators we utilised Tekla and Fabtrol software to work seamlessly with the clients fabrication processes and deliver on program and on budget.

Ok so no big deal so far right? Drawing offices do that up and down the country every day. The difference here is that this project was managed on a daily basis by a 20 year old talented guy who has recently qualified his apprenticeship with us. By using our hands on approach of senior experienced mentors developing our young work force, we are creating outstanding quality of work here in the UK employing and upskilling talented British youth.

IMG 0957

Our client and the Architect were delighted with the way the project ran and we now have a more experienced young guy, who feels proud to have made the clients happy. Lessons were learned by all involved and we are looking forward to putting this project team together again on another successful project in the near future.