Running away to join Finsbury Circus

8 Finsbury Circus has recently been subject to a new 160,000 ft2 nine storey development, constructed by Lendlease. The work has resulted in an office development on behalf of client, Stanhope and is part of the crescent of buildings on the north side of Finsbury Park.

TDS were subcontracted as specialists to provide some of the secondary steelwork drawings on the project. First off we worked on two large stairs, the first being 20 flights and the second 26 flights. These staircases connect the ground floor to the first floor and first floor to the second floor.

From the ground floor upwards, the structure is made up of several different elements. Steel beams support reinforced concrete floor slabs which are cast on metal decking. Both staircases that we detailed had to play their role in this. They had to ensure that they could support and simultaneously be supported by the beams and decking.

The tight footprint of the location meant that the layout had to be efficient to ensure that space was maximised through the internal layout. The steel frame specially designed for this development has really allowed for flexibility in the layout. However, structurally the design of the building has encountered some challenges because of this same frame. It is down to the unusual shape of the site which meant that the steel frame could not be easily set out on a regular grid. The beams that meet the core are all irregular in length and the internal spans range from 8m to 16m.

The finish of Finsbury Circus façade is in Portland stone but there is a wide range of cladding found throughout the development. From zinc-unitised panels to stone precast panels they required different fixing details to attach them to the steelwork. TDS were also tasked with detailing the panelling which would form the façade of the North entrance.

TDS has detailed numerous parts of the secondary steelwork elements on 8 Finsbury Circus. From the staircases as essential superstructure components to access pedestals in the brand new lobby, to the panelling that formed the North entrance to the building we were able to model sleek and practical solutions which fit in perfectly with the contemporary office development.