Reasons to be cheerful……on a sunny Friday

Having spent a number of years concerned about the construction sector we can genuinely say that in the 24 years we have been serving the industry we have never seen our offices so busy. Every metric that we use to measure our business is seeing an all-time high.

Inbound enquiries, new customers, new projects, the variety of projects, quote to order conversion rates, repeat business are all at record breaking levels. We are also starting to see a real diversity in enquiry, this is really interesting both in terms of size and variety of job.

So our reason for posting this blog is not to brag about how well we are doing, or the amount of work we are getting in, it is more to show that the market is busy. Our position in the design process allows us to see when jobs get activated because that is when the drawings need doing. If no drawings are needed it normally means the market is quiet. As genuine fans of the construction space we know that when we are busy we know our customers and friends are busy too so we hope everyone is feeling this positivity in their business and long may it continue for all us.

But what is really exciting for us to see from all of the activity, is the number of BIM enquiries we’re receiving. Finally we are seeing clients actually specifying that BIM needs to be at the heart of their project delivery.

As we continue to maintain our service levels to customers both old and new we have seen a need to increase our team and we are delighted to welcome two new recruits this month. Even our new starters are indicative of the industry’s needs. We are delighted to bring in another Apprentice via our own CADCOE (Free to the employer) apprenticeship training scheme ( and a highly experienced Tekla operator with niche skill sets that will support our off site construction partners.

We hope that all our partners in the space are enjoying this level of positive news and we look forward to this continuing so we can all get back to collaborating and delivering brilliant buildings and infrastructure projects to help the UK prosper.