Olympic size collaboration for BIM

Leaves are fading on another summer here in Britain, however the pride in our athlete’s grand achievements overseas in the tropical South Americas – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – still shine bright. As our medallists board their flights home, the industry too is taking off – destination, BIM.

In sport, there are always great individuals who stand out from the crowd. That is the case too with industry. There are often dominant powers. The Michael Phelps, Usain Bolts and the Mo Farrah’s of the construction and engineering industry that repeatedly deliver regardless of consequences – however, there often comes a time when forces must unite to accomplish great feats, and stand together for new ideals.

This notion of ‘together’ needs to be a mind-set from the bottom up. Not only should we take pride in our own work, but the pride in knowing we have done all we can to ensure our work aids the next man in the process.

I admit it, and I know you think it too… not everyone is always so ‘easy’ to work with. Some in fact, can make it a little harder! Should that mean we just give up? Think about the story of Katherine Grainger, Britain’s most medalled female Olympian.

This year’s games saw Katherine, and her rowing partner Victoria Thornley take silver at the double sculls, missing out by just a fraction to an awesome last minute sprint by team Poland. Ok it wasn’t gold, but when you look at the story behind these two athletes, you see just how far they’ve come.

Coach Paul Thompson referred to the partnership as ‘’not necessarily the smoothest drink in the liquor cabinet’’ and the two were not even in the running for Olympic selection following poor performances in the Euros. Did Grainger then, (who won gold in the same event at the London 2012 games) decide to give up on her partner? No. Persistence was vital.

The duos attitude said to the nation ‘’we are doing this, are you with me?’’ and with continual dedication the two forced themselves into Olympic selection. Their perseverance and team work led to delivering an outstanding final product.

Looking around for examples on how working with one another can benefit the industry, I recently became aware of two leading software companies signing an interoperability agreement. Those companies? Trimble and Autodesk. With BIM on its march to encompass and thrive within the industry, the unity here will aid software operators in the industry to share data rich models more seamlessly.

The benefits of seamless data exchange is a huge advantage over the current technical problems that occur when trying to get two software platforms to communicate. Time costs can be extravagant when trying to get an IFC model to work as fluidly in one software as another. Often we require time and learning processes to do so. Trimble and Autodesk’s collaboration looks to cure the headaches and energy we spend on technical problems, leaving us the time to do our part in creating modelling solutions. Leading by the example of Trimble, we can continue progress in this evolving industry by looking at competition as companion, and finding innovative methods in which we can all succeed.

This sense of working together, this “are you with me”’ mentality will ensure that we deliver only the best, and just as our athletes in Rio – present ourselves on the world stage, displaying that we too can create projects to be proud of – from the smallest of staircases to the largest of skyscrapers upon the London skyline – only by providing our best efforts and persisting in our communication, interaction and our interoperability can we achieve gold.

Are you with me?