National Apprenticeship Week Take the Stage: Spotlight on CADCOE

With the National Apprenticeship Week taking place last week, it is worth taking the time to look at the positive impact apprentices can have on the workforce. TDS Midlands and CADCOE are working to ensure that the CAD Steelwork and Reinforced Concrete industries are kept saturated with new talent, but how can this talent help your business?

For many SMEs the thought of hiring an apprentice sits uncomfortably, the idea of the time and distraction it will take to train up what to all intents and purposes is a school-leaver does not seem like a brilliant dedication of resources. However, think of it like this; two or three fully sifted, pre-assessed, skilled young people with an interest in CAD and the construction/architectural industry are placed in front of you, for you to pick the best fit for your business. Your preferred apprentice is then trained for 20 weeks in a course created by the CAD steelwork industry that covers exactly what a new recruit needs. That Apprentice, with a wealth of fundamental draughting knowledge as well as BIM training and a proficiency in Autocad, Tekla or Revit, joins your company with the confidence of knowing their way around the software and the ability to become an asset instead of a burden. Is it starting to look a little less terrible now?

Let CADCOE do the work

The CADCOE programme is the middle man in connecting businesses to apprentices. CADCOE takes away the distraction and hassle and finds your business an apprentice and teaches them a tailor made Level 3 ECITB diploma and Level 3 BTEC in Construction and the Built Environment. With schemes for 16-19 year olds being completely funded by the government and with grants of £1500 per apprentice taken on in a small business, all of the negatives usually associated with hiring a young apprentice are eliminated, leaving you with everything to gain.

The loyalty and dedication that comes from taking a chance on a young person and offering them a job is unbridled. By learning on the job they are working with you as a blank canvas to absorb the knowledge that you need them to. As well as this, there is the obvious benefit of the efficiency of young people working with technology. This is paramount as we see advances in 3D modelling and BIM take over in the next few years.

National Apprenticeship Week aims to highlight the benefits of having an apprentice in the workplace. The intention is to celebrate apprenticeships and the positive impact they have on individuals, businesses and the wider economy. TDS Midlands and CADCOE celebrated last week’s apprenticeship spotlight as a way of highlighting the positives of the country getting behind young talent.

Harnessing young talent is the way forward for many industries, but it is essential for ours. Hardly a day goes by when the skills shortage in engineering, construction and especially in CAD and 3D modelling is not addressed whether it be directly or indirectly. TDS Midlands has always been a firm believer in the benefits of hiring apprentices as a way of organically growing talent within your company. This is one of the main reasons as to why they established CADCOE and why CADCOE apprentices are helping businesses all over the UK.

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