Guy’s and St. Thomas Cancer Centre, London

In 2004, the Cancer Programme was launched at Guy’s and St. Thomas Hospital Trust in collaboration with King’s College London. In 2010 a brand new Cancer Treatment Centre was commissioned. The Cancer Centre at Guy’s will bring together all oncology services from across Guy’s and St Thomas hospital, integrating research and treatment services within the same building.

As the design was developed and the intricate details resolved we shared various details using 3D pdf’s with the architect and ultimately Guy’s Trust, this enabled them to see the finer details prior to anything being fabricated or installed on site. Using the 3D pdf tool the architect could then rotate and zoom around the models we provided to get a true representation of these details. This could also be shared with the trust, people with no design or draughting knowledge, meaning that they could then clearly see the details that we proposed.

We needed to use some of the more in depth commands within Tekla to model timber cladding panels. They required finishes being applied to certain faces in order to orientate the direction of the grain to suit the design. Using some other intricate commands we could model geometrically identical parts but differentiate them to the suit the left hand and right handed threads. Due to the low strength of the surrounding structure and slabs we had to be careful during erection not to overload any of the supporting structures.

With Tekla we could easily co-ordinate with the site team to provide lifting weights of individual beams and bolted assemblies including centre of gravity so that they could ensure they had suitable lifting equipment positioned in the optimum position.

The building is designed to actively maximise clinical gain and patient care. Across the centre the focus is on improving the user experience, providing patients and staff with views and light. TDS is proud to have been a part of this inspiring and valuable project with the benefits of this new centre resonating throughout society.