Cutting through all the BIM white noise

Having been actively doing practical work in the BIM arena since 2011 TDS Midlands feels well equipped to advise customers on what works best for them. So much white noise has been created about BIM. Whether that is consultants over egging how much their services are needed or software companies extolling their virtues over their rivals the market has been confused about what to do and how to do it.

One case in point that symbolizes the challenges that SME’s through to PLC’s have faced is one of our proudest achievements of 2016 to date.

Late last year we won some work with a very large PLC which led to us talking across their internal departments. One of the challenges the business had was that it wanted to be BIM compliant by the April 2016 deadline but across the different elements of the business it wasn’t 100% sure what was the best approach to make that happen. As a manufacturer it needed to be BIM compliant to tender for the type of work that it had historically won but also wanted to factor that into all areas of its business including drawing, quoting and through to manufacturing.

Having already received several proposals from other parties we worked closely with the management lead to breakdown what was actually needed in practical terms to give the client what it needed. Rather than approach this process with a software bias we developed a program that was simple and effective. It centred around putting the clients “most in demand” products into a BIM format to enable BIM library placement and the ability to give customers what they need asap to specify on new projects in the pipeline.

One of the most rewarding elements of this job for us is that under careful and meticulous supervision of one of our senior team 2 of our recently qualified apprentices from our Academy have implemented the work. 3000 products all BIM ready in four months.

The moral of the story is that a UK based PLC working on government projects has partnered with a UK based specialist SME to deliver its BIM strategy under budget and saving the clients hundreds of thousands of pounds. All of this done via two of the industries youngsters who were trained by a UK based expert vocational training provider using government funding.

BIM will bring its challenges of that there can be no doubt but likewise it will bring it opportunities too and we at TDS are incredibly proud of the work that our team have done to help our client stay ahead of its overseas competitors.