#Brexit One Month On

24th July 2016 will always be known as the day that Britain left the EU. If we rewind to just over a month ago now, we were faced with headline after headline featuring a collapsed economy, industry turmoil and a disastrous fiscal future. I don’t think anyone truly knew the impact of the decision made, and we were all left to see exactly how it would play out over time.

Opinions here at TDS were that we might see some very short term instability in the design and construction industry, but there was hope that it would stabilise over the next few weeks and find that not a great deal changed over the coming couple of years.

We’re happy to report that so far it has been business as usual, and the general consensus is that our position is echoed around most other companies.

So far we are seeing a healthy order book, with work continuing to come in to the point where we are just as busy, if not busier than before Brexit. Enquiries are up on last year, and instead of our initial fear of decline, TDS has actually seen continued growth this year.

With EDF approving the £18 billion investment for the Hinkley Point power station last week, it gives the industry confidence that huge corporate construction projects aren’t going to stop as we perhaps first thought they would.

Overall, one month on, there isn’t such a dire picture painted, and, hopefully if things continue as they are we will ride out the consequences of leaving the EU.