BIM Takes Over Westminster

The largest ever BIM model is set to be produced as the plans for the restorative work on the Houses of Parliament is commissioned.

Large portions of the Palace of Westminster are really beginning to age and as such Parliament has ordered a laser scan survey and BIM model in readiness for the proposed £6bn renewal.

Plowman Craven have been appointed to carry out the work after a 2012 study highlighted that unless significant restorations take place, huge amounts of damage could be done.

This is big news for BIM, it not only highlights the practice and throws the importance and significance of digital engineering onto a high-profile platform but it really demonstrates the power of programmes when it comes to construction. The merging of a nearly 200 year old building with cutting edge construction technology is the push forward that the industry needs.

We all know that in terms of productivity the construction industry is painfully lagging behind most other industries, especially with regards to development and technological advancement. Hopefully larger scale and more high-profile projects such as the biggest BIM model ever created, which will be carried out on one of the UKs most iconic buildings, is the much needed push in the right direction.

We’re looking forward to seeing the outcome of the biggest BIM project and where this publicity will lead the future of the CAD industry.