BIM & Beyond: The digital future of construction

BIM2050 Group has published a new report that focuses specifically on the digital reformation of the construction industry required for a sustainable future. ‘A Report on Our Digital Future’ highlights the requirements for this to work – this includes technology, process, education, skills as well as the integration needed in culture.

Importantly the report recognizes that although there are ‘hard’ skills that need to be progressed, such as engineering and technological advancement, there are also ‘soft’ skills required, including the cultural adoption and adaptation of these necessary changes. To this end, the report poses some very thought-provoking questions that should be at the core of every constriction business strategy. Questions like, Are you thinking about integrated infrastructure and How will you support life-long learning?

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This report is a much-needed retake on the “Rethinking Construction” report that is often cited as the future of construction. It truly highlights how the industry is changing and what businesses need to do in order to keep up with it. It also addresses the bigger issues:

“The construction industry contributes almost £90bn to the UK economy (6.7% of the total) and its value comprises of 280,000 firms employing 2.93 million people, most of that employment is skilled labour. What will happen when we only need half of that labour?

Professor David Philp – BIM2050 Group Chair

The report breaks down the decisions required for the industry as a whole – this focuses on the Analogue era from 2010 – 2020, Digital era 2020 – 2030, Predictive era 2030 – 2040 and the Artificial Intelligence era 2040+. There is a lot to take in for the industry, the business and the individual. Revolutionary in the approach to construction projects, this report is absolutely a must read for every profession in the construction industry

Heritage in the UK”s construction industry is still strong and we should be leading the way with our skills, design and engineering capabilities as well as embracing the new way of construction, collaboration and the digital era.

Find the Built Environment 2050 Report here.