Apprenticeship Winners

Last Friday 24th June saw TDS take home the trophy for the Shropshire Business Awards Apprenticeships Award 2016!

It was a brilliant night which allowed us to pay tribute to our six current TDS apprentices who have contributed enormously to the firm over the last few years. It was also recognition for us that the opportunities that we are creating and what we are doing as a company really is working.

Setting up our own training academy, The TDS Academy (now CADCOE) in 2011 to help to address the prevalent skills shortage in the construction industry, has by no means been an easy task. It has been the process of a huge amount of time, commitment and hard work. It has essentially involved us learning an entirely new trade – education.

Becoming the only training provider in the UK to teach and offer a formal and recognised CAD qualification which incorporates 2D, 3D and BIM training has allowed us to take apprenticeships one step further. We don’t just hire; we teach, we train and we promote the industry. We now see over 60 apprentices a year come through our academy doors, from firms all over the UK. Getting the message out there to firms nationwide and continuing to attract these numbers of young people into our apprenticeship training scheme is essential for continued growth within the sector.

We of course see the benefits and the satisfaction daily from our guys. From some of the incredible work they produce and the hard work they put in to not only their job but also to their studies. They are a vital part of the team, and it really is brilliant to see young people who are given the responsibility of managing their own projects, under the guidance of experienced senior draughtsmen, really shine when given the opportunity to show everyone what they can do.

We are delighted to have been awarded the Apprenticeships Award 2016. Going forward TDS is continually committed to providing Apprenticeships in our local Shropshire area. But more than that, we are committed to promoting and training the next generation of digital designers all over the country.