6 Entries in Tekla Model of the Year

As a company we love getting recognition for the work that we do, especially when we are being judged in an industry specific forum by our peers. There is something enormously satisfying in receiving acknowledgment for your output by those who understand and can appreciate the hard work put in. So when Tekla announced that the UK Tekla Awards would be returning this year, we set to work submitting some of our favourite designs over the last year to the CAD world’s answer to the Oscars.

This year TDS has six projects that have already been shortlisted, the Wash Tidal Gauge, North Walsham Containment Enhancement, Horseshoe Park Archway, Wain Wood Edge Stairs, Sea Containers House and Guy’s Hospital Atrium Stairs. These were six big projects that really forced us to advance our knowledge and use of Tekla. The focus of the awards is on collaboration and using Tekla to deliver better outcomes, it is fair to say that the quality of the designs of the Sea Containers House, Walsham Containment and our other entries would not have been possible without the intricate drawing capabilities of Tekla.

We have been working with Tekla Structures for over eleven years now, we have ensured that TDS is BIM Level 2 compliant and through collaborating with Tekla this has been made possible. As always, here at TDS we are working towards the future and digital design.

The awards are a way of showcasing some of the most talented digital designers in the world, it allows us to share like-practices, learn from other software users and move the BIM process forward.

If you fancy helping us achieve our Oscar-moment dreams, you can vote for our projects online:

Horseshoe Park Archway – http://www.tekla.com/uk/bim-awards/horseshoe-park-archway

Wash Tidal Gauge – http://www.tekla.com/uk/bim-awards/wash-tidal-gauage

North Walsham Containment Enhancement – http://www.tekla.com/uk/bim-awards/north-walsham-containment-enhancement

Wain Wood Edge Stairs – http://www.tekla.com/uk/bim-awards/wain-wood-edge-stairs

Guy’s Hospital Atrium Stairs – http://www.tekla.com/uk/bim-awards/guy%E2%80%99s-hospital-atrium-stairs

Sea Containers House – http://www.tekla.com/uk/bim-awards/sea-containers-house-fabrication-package